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  • Manuscript Oera Linda

    The Oera Linda

    The Oera (L)Inda

    A manuscript written
    In old Frisian

    A maiden name
    Linda, the lime tree
    The magnificient

    Old healing flower
    Against flew
    And cold

    A calming infusion
    An exquisite fragrance
    A Beauty

    The Lime tree
    Sacred tree
    Of the Druïds

    Symbol of love
    Family, nation
    Female grace

    The history
    Of the old land
    The Old Beauty

    A story unbelievable
    And thought
    To be a fraud

    And yet
    Relating facts
    Only proved recently


    Old truths
    Of old ages
    Long forgotten

    The Old Beauty
    The Old Land
    Alta Landis

    What if the manuscript was not a fake
    But thruth?
    History would have to be rewritten…

    Image:  Fragment of the Manuscript of Oera Linda
    The original manuscript
    A translation of the text
    History of manuscript
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