On fleek

on fleek
Beautiful woman having lipstick applied by make-up artist
what is out?
what is in?
in is out
and out is in 

Meet the Chicago Teen Behind ‘On Fleek’

Mar 3, 2015 Nicki Minaj is one of many celebrities to adopt the phrase “on fleek,” believed to have been created by a Chicago teen last summer.

Fleek Meaning and History | Merriam-Webster

It does usually appear in the phrase on fleek. Like the phrase on point, it’s used to mean basically “perfectly done” or “exactly right.” Here it is, out in the …

Eyebrows on Fleek | Know Your Meme

Fleeky Eyebrows is a memorable quote uttered by Viner Peaches Monroe in a selfie video to show off her stylishly groomed eyebrows.

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Make-up is an art. No?

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