Cabbage the forgotten vegetable from Europe

Cabbage, the forgotten vegetable
Cabbage, the forgotten vegetable

Cabbage the forgotten vegetable

We all know them
White cabbage
Red cabbage
Green cabbage
And even black cabbage

One of the most healthy vegetables

Prepared in many ways

One of the most delicious ones


Cabbage the forgotten vegetable

Some recepies

Cabbage, add salt, let rest for 30 minutes… add sugar (a spoon) a few water (a glass) some fruits ( like apple slices) pepper and salt, ginger and cinnamon (and some lemon zest)… let stirr on gentle fire… check it does not burn (add a few water, when needed). After 10 to 20 minutes it is cooked.

You can also steam the cabbage and add the ingredients later. Or wok…

NEVER wash cabbage, nor cook it in water … water makes it sour and gives it a bad taste… just add some salt and stirr for 30 minutes or let it rest …

Some cooks add vinegar to add some colours… and some oil… i never do that… only when i use cabbage as crudity … after pulling the external leaves just cut (not wash) the cabbage in very fine slices and eat when ready with appropriate vinaigrette (french dressing). I use 1/5 vinegar (or lemon) for 4/5 oil and mustard… add pepper, salt, and other species to your liking (honey, or lemon, …) you can vary spices to infinity… sprinkle this vinaigrette on the fine sliced cabbage (white or green is best) … Yum yum …

and VERY healthy!

Cabbage the forgotten vegetable of the European low lands…


Cabbage, the forgotten vegetable
Cabbage, the Sauerkraut pot


Choucroute (the souring of the cabbage) can be made many ways… cut fine… add salt, stirr and let rest for 30 minutes… then wet with some water and vinegar… (proportions to your liking 1/2 1/3 1/4 … )… add some pepper and coriander or laurel or eucalyptus (at your liking)… cover, make sure nothing is open to air (oxidation will rotten the proces) let rest in a dark place… for at least one week (can be months also) …

In the picture you see the ceramic pots we make them in… with the weights to keep all cabbage down, under liquid… the cover lid is such, it can be watered before putting the cover, so air can not enter. If you keep the cabbage preparation for long (it will become better and better) make sure to water the upper lid so no air can enter and corrupt the process. apple vinegar is best… but again you can vary to your own taste..

Remember salt and pepper and just ONE more ingredient for taste… when ready, just take out of the pot and serve … Or heat it up with some oil. Yum yum

Those are my recipes after years of experiencing with them… up to you now… let me know your results or findings


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