My favorite things

My favorite things

When it comes to my favorite things
they are many

Just to name a few . .. affiliated links

I would not recommend them
if no good.

1. Webbuilding

If you are a newbie,
you can try Siterubix, a free hosting company.

If you are an advanced user,
go for ONE, my hosting company


2. Affiliated marketing

If you are a newbie,
you can try the wealthy affilate,  a platform designed for affiliated marketing.

It comes with a free basic membership
that can be extended to premium.

It gives all the extra’s for advanced users ,
with a 24/24 technical support


3. Images

The beauty of a website stands with graphics, images and video’s . Depositphotos offers a wide range of stunning pictures and motion.


4. Keywords

Having a good search tool for keywords is essential in building your rank.  You can try the Jaaxy tool for free when joining the wealthy affiliate platform.

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