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  • A mystic parh for menkind

    A mystic path for menkind

    Movement - a mystic path for menkind

    Movement – a mystic path for menkind

    A mystic path for menkind

    Adama, the first man and creation.
    The first step is contrition:
    Why do you hide!

    Idris-Enoch, an honnest man.
    The second step is Wholiness.
    Be whole!”

    Moshe, a devoted man.
    The third step is devotion.
    Listen to Me

    Job, the man of patience
    The fourth step is patience.
    Be patient, the hour of Truth arrives

    Jeshuah, the Word of Most High
    The fifth step is submission.
    Surrender to Me

    Jacob, son of Issaak.
    The sixth step is contentment.
    Be content

    Jonas entrapped by the wale.
    The seventh step is ascetism.

    Joseph of Egypt, a man of great thoughts.
    The eight step is thinking.
    Know thy Self

    Shiva-Shu ab, the man of tears.
    The nineth step is suffering.
    The broken heart of contrition.

    Set, son of Adama
    The tenth step is to preach.

    Noa, the survivor of the flood.
    The eleventh step is purification.
    Be clean!

    David, the truthfull king.
    The twelfh step is truthfullness.
    No hypocrisy!”

    Khisr, the enlighted prophet.
    The thirteenth step is enlightment.
    Let there be Light!”

    Eva, the mother of menkind.
    The fourteenth step is gratefullness.
    Thank you!

    Mohammad, the lover of Most High.
    The fifteenth step is mystic
    Love and be loved

    Movement, a mystic path for menkind

    These steps belong to the heritage of suffism: Pir Vilayat Khan.

    In humble homage of Rumi

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