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    The holy grail of cryptography

    Who wrote it? When? What was the purpose of it ? Where did it originate from?

    The three practices in Buddhism

    The three practices 1. Aknowledge you are hooked 2. Do something different Choose a fresh alternative

    The library of memory

    The library A collection of writings Many of them famous Scattered all over the world Preserved

    Beware the teaching and the teacherrr

    Beware the teaching Without exercice how can you grasp the teaching? No results without commitment Commit

    Golden monkeys in the trees

      Golden monkeys in the trees Invited by dear friends We talked about everything And other

    The symbol of numbers

      The symbol of numbers They  are more Than just a mathematical ‘Expression’ They can be

    A hand full of seeds

    THE SEEDS ~ One day an old wise man gave me some seeds a handful “If

    Cabbage the forgotten vegetable from Europe

    Cabbage the forgotten vegetable We all know them White cabbage Red cabbage Green cabbage And even

    The fiddler on the roof

    The fiddler on the roof The musician Behind the scenes Playing at birth Weaping at dead

    A rose for fathers day

    Happy and blessed fathers  day! My brother sent me a rose Cared for by him And

    A fado for Portugal

    A fado for Portugal Canto me um fado Sing for me a fado A fado from

    What is luck and what is lack of luck? Lucky?

    What is lucky? What a bad luck! Said people to the morning man after the dead of

    Is reality exclusively an observable behaviour…

      Observable behaviour Reality. Beyond observation Essence. Beyond substance The body, a substance The soul, its

    Colouring the troups

    Colouring the troups The flag The pennant The admiral The banner Carriers of Nation Culture Tribe

    The listener and the deaf

    The Listener There was this famous artist Playing in a metrostation Unnoticed Only children Recognised the

    10 Miles and Marathon

    On your marks Ready Go The 10 miles Running for gold Running for fame Running for

    He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful

      Mercy is a divine gift  Without mercy there is only Hate and retaliation "An eye

    Never underestimate poetry…

    Never underestimate poetry It has a force beyond words for the strong feelings and imagery it

    Taking my breath

    Taking my breath for the next tune my flute remains silent for a while and in

    The beast with thousand heads

      The anonymous capital growing like a greedy beast the Mamon to which all is sacrified

    On fleek

    what is out? what is in? in is out and out is in  Meet the Chicago

    Namaste to all!

    the divine in me bows to the divine in you Namaste to all! Let us use this


    Awesome! On fleek! Short 
 To the point Thank you
 More than helpful Inspiring

    True fasting

    Stop slavery! A fasting that pleases The Lord Cry aloud Lift up your voice Denounce evil!

    An invitation to meditate

    Meditate: On the fragility of your existence The fragility of our world Meditation! An act of

    Break the chains of injustice!

    Break the chains of injustice! Break the chains of slavery addiction Liberty! Break your bread And

    L’air du temps…

    Another way to be in
 is to stay out Observe 
 Meditate And then

    Light fractals

    The Light is inclusive and exclusive It has no colors and yet many percieved by all

    The Oera Linda

    The Oera (L)Inda A manuscript written In old Frisian A maiden name Linda, the lime tree

    The sun moon meditation

      Sun moon meditation A gift for you Please watch the video ...   – “The

    Our pineal gland

    Our pineal gland natural gate With cosmic energies Bending our neck down Humble awe of THOU

    In awe we bow

    In awe we bow Namaste A simple act Bowing our head Activating Our pineal gland A

    The inherent limitations of life

    The inherent limitations of life We all struggle Banging against the edges Of our cellular forms

    Chinese New Year!

        Fu God of Happiness & Good Luck depicted in scholar’s dress holding a scroll

    Off the road

    Off the road The man was on his way To Damascus. His eyes and heart Full

    Where is the need to know

      Where is the need to know Who i am What i am Where i am

    The poor man of Nippur – a Summerian tale

    The poor man of Nippur: A summerian tale Gimil-Ninurta A wreched individual Lived in Nippur In

    Entering the waters of salvation

    “Baptise me John” and so happened.  

    Om bhur bhuvah svaha

    Om bhur bhuvah svaha tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat Om bhur

    The bliss of form – a living GURU

    Ek onkar satnam karta purakh Nirbau nirvair akaal murat Ajooni saibhang Gurprasaad The one reality (ik)

    Gold, frankincense and myrrh…

    The gift of frankincense Melchior One of the Three kings From the rising sun he comes

    The 12 days of christmas

    On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me A partridge in a

    Joyfull Christmas!

    Glory to you who has shown us the light. Glory to God in the highest and

    Christmas eve

    “O holy night the stars are brightly shining It is the night of our dear Savior’s

    The o-antiphons

    My favorites: nine days of supplication before christmas starting 17th of december a magnificient theology using

    The event horizon

    We are moving through time and space and our perception of reality is based on our

    The art of the seers

    Long ago, as a child I watched my father paint the secret of Light the shades

    The ministry of samples

    The ministry of samples All those things unknown Samples around us Of matter Analysed by scientists

    The power of healing

    The power of healing Lays within your hands Your right hand Empowers your left side Your

    The voice of the people…

    Vox populi vox dei People's voice is God's voice old roman dixit (saying) There was a

    The titis of the moon… the hours of the day

    The titis of the moon... the hours of the day The cosmos in your head Turns

    Who is served by globalisation?

    Listen to my story The story Of the fisherman A poor Moroccan man Not a Beggar

    The path to be walked

    Divine Master Thou theached The path of righteousness The path to be walked A path Thou

    Love is a feather

    A father never leaves us… A presence A promise My father used to say “Give people

    The land of Egypt

    Kemit KMT The black The king The parcel Of eternity Hidden in the seed The black

    A mystic path for menkind

    A mystic path for menkind Adama, the first man and creation. The first step is contrition:

    Number 5

    Number 5 Number of manifestation Number of the 5 elements earth, air, water, fire, ether A

    The celtic cross

    The celtic cross The symbol and its meaning A symbol Older than old timers The crossing

    Pro’s & contra’s of Garcina Cambogia according to my spam folder

    Garcinea Cambogia – spam ? A miracle pill To melt your body And shape it into

    Going for gold…

    Sir William M. Ramsay Was an outstanding archeologist and New Testament scholar His contributions to New

    The mythical Stag

    The Great Stag a Mesopotamian Deity A gateway to the sun In Europe The deer was

    Pilgrimage to my soul… the hunt for divine

    My feeling Was one of sadness Despite my efforts All was taken away From me Nothing

    The lament of the deer

    Musical instruments Old as the earth The sound of flutes And drums And bowed strings Made

    The dream of every youngster

    The dream of every youngster Life and adventure To live To love To be free To

    Finitude & eternity

    A beginning An ending Finitude Without beginning Without ending Eternity Believing in nature and humanity Comes

    Falling in love

    When nights are falling I'm falling in love falling with rosebuds and sleeping with doves When

    Where wisdom resides

    Darkness in the eyeballs Darkness in the frontal lobe Cause of ignorance Knowledge ball Knowledge able

    The master alchemist

    Eternal balance Of unimaginable beauty The source of Grace And Joy And Love And those touched

    Mau an Egyptian cat

    Cats in ancient Egypt – Wikipedia Cats (Felis silvestris catus), known in ancient Egypt as “Mau”,

    The Antikythera mechanism

    A shipwreck More than Thousand years ago A ship that sinked Along the Antikytheran coast Discoverd

    The unexpected… rules

    Can you plan the unexpected? Yes... By leaving an empty space in your daily agenda And

    The power of HaHaHa

    Aaah that Beautiful ha ha ha The sound HA is a very powerful sound... It means

    The white galactic dog

    A powerful glyph In the mayan calendar Fidelity Friendship The occipital brain A dog's brain A

    The carriers

    More than 50 bones 60 joints 200 muscles, tendons & ligaments & 250.000 sweatglands Compose your

    Lava and eruptions

    Lava The Volcano The Dragon Forces of earth Tellurgic Cosmic Powerful Not to be feared Not

    The Ocean and the Seer – peace

    An ocean of compassion tidings of the sea Endless movements Of coming and gone Sounds of

    Being authentic … The beauty of our soul

    Being Authentic long ago, i was granted an ibm course Programming on core basics… Whilst walking


    Joy is the highest vibration a divine gift let us seek joy And rejoice for joy

    Focus on the road

    Center on what does not change The core,  a central point Walk your path! Distraction is