Beware the teaching and the teacherrr

False Teaching

Beware the teaching

Without exercice how can you grasp the teaching?
No results without commitment

Commit your self
To the right things
And thinks

Inner and outer space
Within you
Without you

Beware the parrots
They look like masters
But they are not

A false master
Prophet or teacher
Serves evil

Under the cover of good
Culture, religion, tradition
Many sins are committed

Beware the idea
Of a super race
A super country
A super language
A super religion

It thrives on repression
Forced endoctrination
And evil teachings
Where all is permitted
In the name of ideology

Whether it is cultural
Social, national
Ethnic or religeous

The idol is collective ego

The idol is collective ego
The idol is collective ego

There is scientific, medical, philosophical, … endoctrination too. The new dogms and paradigms know no service


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