Gold, frankincense and myrrh…

Melchior the priestly king
Melchior the priestly king

The gift of frankincense

One of the Three kings

From the rising sun
he comes

the priestly caste
of Zoroastrianism
strongly opposed to sorcery

One of the Wise man
From the East

An offering to the gods
Used to fumigate the sick,
in order to banish evil spirits

A Luxuriant incense

The gift of Melchior
The Persian scholar
to a New born King

symbol of His priestly role

The shepherd - pastor
The shepherd – pastor

Shepherd and care-taker

The gift of Wool and milk
Shepherding in Hebrew
Is feeding

Abel, keeper of sheep
Jacob, leading the flock
Moses and the burning bush

A person who herds sheep
king and God Himself

A lamb
gift of the shepherds

offered as burnt offerings
sin offerings
guilt offerings
and peace offerings

Caspar the Indian Scolar
Caspar the Indian Scolar

The gift of gold

Golden ratio
Golden mean

Golden juwels
Golden coins
Golden artefacts

A precious metal
A Golden calf

The gift of Caspar
The Indian scolar
to a New born King

Symbol of Kingship
And divine

Balthazar, the araban scolar
Balthazar, the araban scolar

The gift of myrrh

An aromatic resin
A natural gum

Used by the ancients
along with natron
for the embalming of mummies

The balsam of Mecca

The Egyptian Thorn
Medicine and fragrance
“The pinnate-winged”

Equal in weight value
To gold

An incense altar
The Temple service
The consecrated incense

The Holy Anointing

The gift of Balthazar
The Arabian scolar
to a New born King

prefiguring His death
and embalming

What is our gift?

Mine is a video made for you: The magi

1 thought on “Gold, frankincense and myrrh…”

  1. In my country singers
    dressed like kings go from house to house

    They sing old folcloric songs
    Wish peace and abundance

    Bless the New Year
    And in return
    People offer small gifts

    They just passed
    And left a teail
    Of joy and fragrance…


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