The carriers

Take  are of your feet. The carriers
Take are of your feet. The carriers

More than

50 bones
60 joints
200 muscles, tendons & ligaments
& 250.000 sweatglands

Compose your feet

They support
Your whole body
With 3 arches

The inside of foot
The outside of foot
The ball of foot

The care of feet
is universal
A sign of hospitality


The example
Of how we should care
For one another

© mlaure

2 thoughts on “The carriers”

  1. small things
    contain complex vivid information…..
    a 7 inch feet
    that keeps a 80 kg body stand
    on its strength……

    small things
    give large pack

    how vivid
    you are
    my friend…
    showing a low appearance
    you trade
    always on big
    noble important
    i feel
    how small are my
    imaginary words
    before your
    shinning flag
    on the ship……………..


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