The art of the seers

Long ago, as a child
I watched my father

the secret of Light 
the shades of colour 

and decades later 
one night 
A voice wakened me up 


a voice 
with such an authority 
I could not resist 

in class my drawings 
got no attention 
too much out of the box 

(for that time) 

so, next day 
i bought oil colors 
and canvas 

and waited 
and prayed 
for the Revelation of Light 

For without Light 
there are no colours 

and with the digital Revolution
it has become a JOY

© mlaure

A video for you

Some portraits … tell me what you think?

Tradition from the East

In the orthodox tradition 
the painter is a servant of divine Light 

Andreï Rublev, Rublyov , Андре́й Рублёв
iconograph in the eastern tradition
Russian master

CХристос възкресе! 
Наистина възкресе! 
(Hristos vyzkrese! Naistina vyzkrese!) !

~ in honor of my Bulgarian friends ~

The transfiguration icon by Roubleev
The transfiguration icon by Roubleev

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