Off the road

On the road to Damascus
On the road to Damascus
Off the road

The man was on his way
To Damascus.

His eyes and heart
Full of hate and hatred

In his pocket a letter
Giving him permission
To kill opponents and opposition

He was the learned one
Full of philosophy
And theology
And languages...

He would soon get rid
Of this new beliefs

And blinded by hate
He rideth forth

Suddenly his horse 
Started prancing
And he fell of the road
Blinded by the Light
Surrounding him

"Who are you"
He shouted

"The One you persecute"

And the Light penetrated him

He fell on his knees 
And adored.

Standing up, 
He became heraut.

That man was Saul of Tarsus
He became Paul
Apostle of the gentiles


Painting Mib
Inspired by a piece of Luca Giordano

for further reading: Acts 9, 1-19

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