Where wisdom resides

Darkness in the eyeballs
Darkness in the frontal lobe
Cause of ignorance

Knowledge ball
Knowledge able

Speech is ignorance
Thinking is ignorance

Move the faith from sickness to health
From poverty to prosperity

If your faith is in the wrong place
It will not work

How does knowledge operate
Wisdom is more important than knowledge

Wisdom is the midbrain
the ball of known

© mlaure

Knowledge is in the Eyeballs
Knowledge is in the Eyeballs

a guided meditation 

 a meditation video

9 thoughts on “Where wisdom resides”

    • When the Third Eye is active,
      then you have super intelligence.

      When the two eyes are active,
      you are only worried about the external reality,
      the reality that we are facing on a daily basis,
      and that makes only the bank balance as the reality;
      the givens are the reality; because it is externally oriented…

      See with your third eye

  1. yes dear friend
    wisdom is the path
    trust is the bath
    love is the exclusive warmth
    trust with love
    envelops one
    with wisdom of now, future and past……..

    • Wow! Very spontaneous poetic expression of knowkedge and wisdom.
      Brain don’t have knowledge but informations in the firm of memory where frontal lobe is responsibke for informations with respect to feelings and back of the brain for emotional responses and mid brain for analytics.

      The wisdom get matured with life experiences and it is a continous process. Wisdom rests with the self, the Soul (Western) or Spirit (Eastern). Wisdom is passed over from one birth to another birth.

  2. Beautiful poem. Profound ideas… with, in my humble opinion, the exception of one verse: “Wisdom is more significant than knowledge”. Personally, I think the more knowledgeable one is, the more wisdom one can acquire … A renewed wisdom, rooted in the way humanity perceives the universe today rather than in the way it perceived it centuries ago. Surely, science is still limited by preconceptions in the zeitgeist, and by observation tools that are not yet always suitable… But it seems to me that what we learned about the physics of the universe (us being “stardust”) has nevertheless given us a vision that is somewhat less anthropocentric than in the time of Galileo, for example. ..

    • What would be the measure of knowledge?
      If it can be measured
      And what would be the measure of wisdom?
      If measured…

      The first relates to intelligence
      The second to the understanding of the heart

      If both are used…
      Yes, Knowledge will be the extra add

      As Pascal said long ago:
      “The heart has reasons
      Reason does not know”

      Perhaps he ment wisdom, instead of reason…

      Wonderfull add!


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