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  • The symbol of Numbers

    The symbol of numbers



    The symbol of numbers

    They  are more
    Than just
    a mathematical ‘Expression’

    They can be absolute
    Or relative

    Each carrying
    A deeper meaning

    The arab numbers
    Which we heritated
    In the middle ages
    Represent the angles
    Of the universe

    They were found also
    in ancient greek philosophy
    And mathematics

    And they all date back
    To the time of the pharao’s
    The phoenicians
    The mesopotamians

    0 is infinite and nothing
    1 is a point
    2 is a line
    3 is a triangle
    4 is a square
    5 is a pentagon
    6 is a hexagon
    7 is a heptagon or septagon
    8 is an octagon
    9 is an enneagon

    And yet volume expresses
    In dimensions

    Only known by us

    And Space

    The square meter
    The cubic meter

    And yet the earth
    Is sustained by Four pillars
    As told by ancient Chinese mythology

    When one of the pillars cracks
    Earth and heavens crack



    The painting depicts the scene of Nüwa entwining on a pillar with her snake body and patching the sky with the five-color stones in her hand. This scene is adopted from the chapter of “Heavenly Questions” in Quyuan’s Li-Sao (“Encountering Sorrow” )

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