The power of HaHaHa

Aaah that Beautiful ha ha ha

The sound HA is a very powerful sound...
It means understanding The Highest and divine principles.
When people understand that they say AH
So HA is confirmation of AH.

At the same time it is the sound 
of understanding and compassionate laugh...
Which is extremely beautiful.

It is the sound of enlightment for the left brain.
Repeated three times it means enlightment 
for material, psychical and spiritual world.

The counterpart is OH.
The awe for divine, the enlightment 
for the right creative and intuitive brain.

In putting both sounds in their respective hemispheres, 
they come together in your third eye
And bowing it descends in your heart.

aH oh om

Hope my contribution helped a little 
in understanding beautiful hahaha...


© mlaure

3 thoughts on “The power of HaHaHa”

  1. Ha Ha denotes or reflects ego i.e. laughing though it is good !!!!!!

    However it may be noted that spiritual scientists have invented the word,

    Wah is added to Guru makes it WAHEGURU !!!!!

    Waheguru is a researched word or MANTRA which if repeated glorifies GOD
    since HE is wonderful . Its chanting eliminates anger as well as ego both .

    In spiritual science we deal with penetration of electron size SOUL into the MIND
    which gives BLISS state ( LIGHT) . Mind being child of soul becomes BLISS
    i.e. same as SOUL since original shape of MIND is like a spot of light of LOVE
    of truth. However polluted mind in its comfort zone enjoys bliss of ego which
    is dark …….

    With divine love


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