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  • The goat of Gimil-Ninurta

    The poor man of Nippur – a Summerian tale

    The poor man of Nippur:
     A summerian tale
     A wreched individual
     Lived in Nippur
     In abject misery
    Left with some money
     He decides to buy a goat
     And to offer it
     To the mayor of the city
    In the hope
     Of being rewarded
     With meal and honour
     And decent drink
    The mayor recieves him
     Listens to his quest
     And beats him
     Leaving him with less
    "Three times revenge is mine"
     he shouts to the doorkeeper
     "For the disgrace i have suffered"
     And so happened
    The first time
     Disguised as a rich man
     With the help of the king
     He robes the mayor by ruse
    The second time
     Disguised as a doctor
     He ties him up in private
     And gives him another beating
    The third time
     He pays a man with a goat
     To claim "I am the man with the goat"
    - The major's household in pursuit-
     He beats the major left alone
    For the third time
     Avenging an insult and disgrace
     Suffered by the hands
     of a powerfull official
    He was a man of word.
    And from poor he became rich
     Honoured by the king
     And by his fellow men
     Beware the way you give
     Beware the way you recieve
     you never know...
     The reputation of Nippur's great learning
     Is lampooned in the Edubba Texts
     Second millenium bc
    two great websites
    The Sumerian Turks 
    The Sumerian Shakespeare


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