2 thoughts on “The dream of every youngster”

  1. Joseph’s dream:

    I dreamed that in the fields one day,
    The corn gave me sign
    Your eleven sheaves of corn
    All turned and bowed to mine
    My sheaf was was quite a sight to see
    A golden sheaf and tall
    Yours were green and second-rate
    And really rather small

    I dreamed I saw eleven stars,
    The sun the moon and sky
    Bowing down before my star,
    It made me wonder why
    Could it be that I was born
    For higher thing than you?”

    The dreams are more than crystal clear,
    The writing on the wall
    Means that Joseph some day soon
    Will rise above us all


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    • And the brothers
      Jealous of Joseph
      Sold him to Egyptian merchants

      They killed a deer
      took its blood
      And made their father believe

      He was dead…

      Joseph arrived In Egypt
      explained the dreams of others
      And soon got noticed by the pharaoh

      Pharaoh called him Tsaphnath-Panéach
      And Aseneth, daughter of Putiphar
      (The priest of On)
      became his wife

      And Joseph left
      To visit Egypt…


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