Pilgrimage to my soul… the hunt for divine

My feeling
Was one of sadness
Despite my efforts
All was taken away
From me

Nothing matters
All matters
The task is ours
The road
Needs to be gone

One step at the time
Alone or with companions
The bushes, the heat
In search of the sacred deer
The hunted

And on the road
The leafs and rocks
And sand and stones
And branches of trees
And humble bees

My head is light
My heart is heavy
The road is long
I have my tears
A river flowing

In the desert

© mlaure
The sacred mountain
The sacred mountain

3 Replies to “Pilgrimage to my soul… the hunt for divine”

  1. when you are determined
    nothing can stop you
    tears shall drench your thirst…
    your breath shall acquire the fire
    the river bed shall be a bed of roses….
    sun shall gift you many moons
    the soft touch of rain
    shall give you the intestacy of the blue cloud
    you shall fly like a bird
    in the domain of your soul………

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