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  • Poetry, a song for freedom

    Never underestimate poetry…

    Never underestimate poetry
    It has a force beyond words

    for the strong feelings
    and imagery it vehicles.
    (Not all poetry, i agree)

    Just some examples:

    - "The Marseillaise"
     now the anthem of France
     was originally a poem,
     used during the French Revolution...
    It expressed the feelings of many
     and became catharsis between people...

    – “The mute girl of Portici“,
    where the Belgians united
    to separate from foreign administration…

    - "Uma gaivota",
     leading to the carnation revolution in Portugal
    Like a bird we are free to FLY!

    – “Nabucco” by Verdi
    was not without impact
    on the Italian revolution either
    and enflamed all European States
    in their hunger for Justice and Liberty.

    - "Chacha dipenda" in Congo ...
     the song for independance

    ….  Just to name a few!

    All those poems and songs
    where an expression of liberty and freedom
    leading people to unite for liberty and freedom

    Never underestimate poetry…

    It was one of the divine arts
    in ancient Greece!

    Stand up and sing of freedom

    Georgia O’Keeffe: The Poetry of Things

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