Golden monkeys in the trees

Golden monkeys
Seeing what others do not see

Golden monkeys in the trees

Invited by dear friends
We talked about everything
And other things

– How is your brother?
– Not very well, I visited him and he kept talking
about the golden monkeys in the trees

Golden monkeys
Golden monkeys

Golden monkeys ?

– Yes, golden monkeys… When asked where he saw them he said “Everywhere in the trees”

– My aunts sees strange lights too and colours in the trees

– They must be mad

To me,
they do not seem mad at all

They seem to see things
To have perception of a world
We do not see
And seemingly beyond words

And now,
when I see branches of a tree
I think, may be the golden monkeys

golden monkeys
Seeing what others do not see

Open eyes
or a different perception?

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Nobel Prize
Sir William M. Ramsay
 Was an outstanding
 archeologist and New Testament scholar

His contributions
 to New Testament studies
 were many-sided and valuable.

He had no biblical or theological training

Just an unrivalled knowledge
 of the historical and geographical background
 of the apostolic age in Asia Minor

His archaeological research
 his mastery of first-century literature
 illuminated the New Testament

He was brought to faith by reason
 And became a defender of the historicity
 Of the books of the new Testament

An apologist "Avant la lettre"
 (15 March 1851, Glasgow – 20 April 1939)
 A scholar never outdated

He also won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1904

He discovered five new elements
 Helium, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon
 Known today as the noble gases

Going for gold...
 as Paul of Tarsus said
 long before him

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Ramsay and the Nobel Discovery

An essay

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